a Nordic Cruiser sailing

Grid slide - building process 1

A Nordship deck saloon being build
Building process

We use a fibreglass hull because it is stronger, lighter and more hardwearing than wood. Seeing her on the water, however, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s a classic motor launch from a bygone era. 

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Nordic Cruiser - Teak Deck
Building process

The visible fibreglass is discreet and doesn’t detract from her brightwork or the allure of the onboard joinery. From the delightful pull-out galley that can be fashioned to take the items you want, to the thick hand-laid teak deck, the same craftsmen work to create a Nordic Cruiser as create our biggest custom-built yachts at True Boat Builders.  

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Nordic Cruiser materials
Building process

Just because she is smaller, it doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We use the same fine materials on our Nordic Cruisers as we do on all the boats that we build here at True Boat Builders.

Grid slide - An ideal interior 4

Nordic Cruiser cockpit
An ideal interior

Heating and outlets can be added to the interior and cockpit to extend your cruising season, allowing you to get more from your boat.

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Nordic Cruiser cabin
An ideal interior

She offers snug shelter and overnight accommodation in her comfortable cabin. With seats on either side and the options of backrests and a removable table, she can provide cosy nights and privacy below deck.  An infill between the forward seats makes a 2.10m (7ft) long vee berth for two when required, while still leaving the aft seats free. 

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Nordic Cruiser bimini
An ideal interior

The cockpit can be fully enclosed by the addition of sides to the removable bimini, which attaches to the forward canopy. 

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Nordic Cruiser at sea
Sailing qualities

She uses a saildrive as it is quieter and gives less vibration than a conventional shaft drive arrangement. Using a saildrive means we can protect the drive leg with a skeg, and the horizontal driveshaft gives a flatter ride at speed.

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Nordic Cruiser at sea
Sailing qualities

The Nordic Cruiser has a semi-displacement hull with a fine entry, deep forefoot and flared upper bow sections. These work together to give her a comfortable and dry ride along with excellent fuel economy.

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Nordic Cruiser at sea
Sailing qualities

She has a cruising speed of 11-12 knots and a maximum of around 15 knots, depending on the engine choice – electric propulsion is also available.

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Nordic Cruiser cuts cleanly through the water
Safety assured

From her sea-kindly hull shape that cuts cleanly through the water to the skeg protecting the propeller, she is designed to give you confidence in her abilities and keep you cruising for longer.

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Nordic Cruiser wind shield
Safety assured

Everything on a Nordic Cruiser is built to last and to give you the feeling of safety and the greatest assurance in your boat. 

Nordship oak craftsmanship

Premium European Oak

European Oak gets its name from the medieval Europe, also known as French Oak or English Oak. The timeless beauty of this type of oak varietal compliments both contemporary and traditional spaces, revealing a feeling of warmth and elegance to any yacht.

Best quality mahogany

African Khaya Mahogany

The African Mahogany is a high-quality hardwood timber that lends itself to the finest cabinet making, furniture, and musical instruments. The Khaya Mahogany the standard Mahogany selections in all of our yachts due to its incredible resistance to wood-rot.

Teak deck

Pemium Quality teak

Our teak is First European Quality (FEQ) and EUTR compliant.