The Nordic Cruiser sailing
The cockpit of the Nordic Cruiser
The Nordic Cruiser sailing

Nordic Cruiser

A Nordic Cruiser gives you more opportunities to enjoy your time on the waterways, rivers, and coasts. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching classic motor launch, a pretty dayboat to be trailed from one area to the next, or a coastal cruising motorboat for weekends away, the Nordic Cruiser can be all this and more.

She combines the head-turning beauty and craftsmanship of a traditional launch with the convenience and ease of ownership of a modern, efficient fibreglass hull. Built by Danish master craftsmen, she embodies the skill and details you’ll find on our top-quality Nordship and Faurby sailing yachts, but in a smaller package without any sails – perfect for those who want the enjoyment of being on water with the least fuss, but who don’t want to compromise quality.

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Nordic Cruiser on trailer

She is at home off the coast as she is on lakes, fjords and rivers, and was designed to either be kept on the water or a trailer. Keeping her on a trailer saves money and makes many cruising areas easily accessible; she can simply be lifted and launched using the built-in lifting strop. 

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Nordic Cruiser Sailing

The Nordic Cruiser was designed by ‘Mr Folkboat’ Erik Andreasen as a weekend motor launch to complement his successful fibreglass Nordic Folkboat design. He brought a seamanlike approach and many practical features to improve your time on the water.

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Nordic Cruiser craftsmanship

Our boats are built by people, not machines, so we can tailor your Nordic Cruiser to you. She is designed to give you the convenience of a modern motorboat as well as the passion and pride of owning a beautiful classic launch. 

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Nordic Cruiser craftsman doing precision measurement

Everything about the Nordic Cruiser exudes the care and passion our craftsmen put into every boat. Every piece of wood that is crafted by hand, every layer of varnish, and every fitting that is added, we take pride in.